New 38,000-foot clinic space in Hood River features state-of-the-art technology and design for safe and inclusive care in the Colombia Gorge.

Hood River, OR, July 15, 2020 – One Community Health (OCH) is opening a new health clinic at 849 Pacific Avenue in Hood River, Oregon. Replacing their 29-year-old facility, the new 38,000 square foot health center offers modern amenities and new technology to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

While construction started on the new building before the arrival of COVID-19, OCH, in partnership with Scott Edwards Architecture LLP and Bremik Construction Inc., were able to make adjustments throughout construction to incorporate cutting edge technologies to help prevent the spread of the virus.

“Negative pressure rooms, photohydroionization technology, MERV-15 air filtering, and air change optimizations are some of the ways the new building will help keep patients and staff safe. With these new systems, rapid COVID-19 antigen testing, and enhanced safety training and procedures, we’ll be providing patients with one of the safest environments to receive care, including oral health,” stated Dr. Elizabeth Aughney, Chief Health Officer for OCH.

In addition to multiple layers of COVID-19 defense incorporated into the building’s HVAC systems, the added size (almost 3 times larger than the previous clinic) offers patients and staff more room to comfortably maintain distance. While the building provides immediate benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic, many more will be realized in the future.

“For over 34 years One Community Health has served residents of the Columbia River Gorge with a special focus on vulnerable and underserved communities. For example, we know from our own data (over 3,100 tests) that those who identify as Hispanic are over 3 times more likely to test positive for COVID-19. Now more than ever our patients deserve this safe, cutting edge, and beautiful space along with additional access to our amazing providers and care teams,” stated Max Janasik, Chief Executive Officer for OCH.

Starting today, patients will be seen in the new clinic and have access to integrated whole-person care including physical, mental, oral, and preventative health services.

About One Community Health

One Community Health (OCH) is a nonprofit, Federally Qualified Health Center with locations in The Dalles and Hood River, Ore. Formerly known as La Clínica del Cariño Family Health Care Center, Inc., it was founded in 1986 and today has evolved into an official Patient-Centered Primary Care Home recognized as the Best Primary Care Clinic of 2019 by the Central Oregon Independent Practice Association (COIPA).

OCH currently provides services to more than 16,000 patients. In addition, OCH excels in providing educational programs and support that reflect its integrated approach to health and wellbeing. Dedicated to advancing health and social justice for all its community members, OCH serves patients from the Mid-Columbia River Gorge Region: Wasco, Hood River, Klickitat and Skamania Counties.


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Date: July 15, 2020