Integration of Affordable Housing and Healthcare

Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare (CBH) recently broke ground on their second project with Scott Edwards Architecture (SEA), the 71-unit Centennial Place Apartments. Located in East Portland, Centennial Place will be affordable...

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Slabtown 4: A Model for Urban Infill

Many cities around the U.S., Portland among them, are encouraging increased density in the urban core. The once-radical goal of the walkable neighborhood–with homes, workplaces, shops, and restaurants all within...

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An Experiential Approach to Design

“Just tell them what you like and they’ll make it happen.” This was the best compliment we’d received on our work yet. After we had completed a few successful pub...

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Unhide your Emergency Department with Site Planning & Design

Taking a friend or a loved one to the emergency room (ER) can be a frightening experience. Emotions are running high; time is of the essence and often we’re not...

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S|EA Awards Kelly J. Edwards Architecture Scholarship to two ACE Mentor Graduates

Kelly J. Edwards Architecture Scholarship Kelly Edwards, co-founder of Scott|Edwards Architecture, is lauded as “the most well-rounded architect” and a person with “incredible integrity.” He would often spend a lot...

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What We Have Learned from Being Our Own Client

Sometime in about 2016, it became apparent that we were going to need a new home to accommodate the growth of our staff. Although we own our building, and have...

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Adapting Restaurant Design in Response to a National Pandemic

Over the past 20 years, Scott|Edwards Architecture has worked with many restaurant and beverage industry clients across the United States. As cities around the country went into lockdown this spring,...

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The Power of Daylighting: Circadian Rhythms in Senior Living

We have a saying at our firm — ‘People first.  Design forward’ — and it’s not just a catch phrase.  It is a call to action for a human-centered approach...

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